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Company Artists Celeste Lopez-Keranen, Layla Terrell, and Lauren Yordanich in Death and the Maiden by Yury Yanowsky. Photo courtesy Matthew Sewell Photography.


Back the Ballet Day - August 1st

August 1st marks the exhilarating "Back the Ballet Day," a celebration of the brilliance of Arkansas's world-class ballet company and school. All donations made on this extraordinary day will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000! This is your chance to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Ballet Arkansas, ensuring its captivating programming continues to ignite the hearts of over 50,000 Arkansans throughout the entire Natural State each year!

Supporting Arkansas's beloved ballet company goes beyond entertainment; it is a declaration of your commitment to safeguarding culture, creativity, and the expression of the human spirit. Your contribution on Back the Ballet Day nurtures artistic brilliance, the creation of awe-inspiring performances, and the enrichment of our city's cultural legacy -and it ensures Arkansas continues to house one of America's Top 100 Ballet Companies in its backyard. To learn about more about BA's successes and programs of investment, read the 22|23 season Gratitude Report below. 

What Does Back the Ballet Fund? 


Proceeds raised through Back the Ballet Day support Ballet Arkansas's world-class performances and K-12 education programs, including:

  • Educational curriculum that introduces thousands of K-12 students to the artform of dance in classrooms throughout Arkansas

  • The presentation of a world-renowned repertoire and celebrated musicians

  • Tours of Ballet Arkansas productions and education programs to underserved communities

  • STEAM programming and productions that feature the use of technology

  • Scholarships for students, and esteemed guest faculty for Ballet Arkansas's enrolled education programs 

  • K-12 Internships 

  • Free programs and services in public greens spaces 

Why Donate?

  • Empower Future Artists: Your donation nurtures aspiring dancers, empowering them to pursue their passion and dreams in the world of ballet.

  • Support Local Talent: Back the Ballet Day allows you to be part of cultivating and promoting exceptional local ballet talent within Arkansas.

  • Foster Creativity: By donating, you foster a creative environment where innovation and imagination thrive.

  • Enrich Community Engagement: Ballet Arkansas's educational programs actively engage with the community, spreading the love for dance far and wide.

  • Inspire Young Minds: Your contribution sparks inspiration in the hearts of young audiences, encouraging their interest in the arts.

  • Enhance Cultural Landscape: Help maintain and elevate Arkansas's cultural heritage through the preservation of classical ballet.

  • Promote Inclusivity: Ballet Arkansas endeavors to make dance accessible to all, creating an inclusive space for diverse audiences and dancers.

  • Expand Educational Outreach: With your help, Ballet Arkansas can reach more schools and communities, spreading the joy of dance and art.

  • Empower Local Economy: Supporting the arts means supporting local businesses and boosting the economy.

  • Encourage Lifelong Learning: Your donation supports educational opportunities for dancers of all ages, promoting lifelong learning.

  • Make a Lasting Impact: Back the Ballet Day allows you to make a profound and lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Arkansas, leaving a legacy for years to come.


Dance Discovery lecture demonstration of Sleepy Hollow


Company Artist Lauren Yordanich pictured in Gerald Arpino's

Reflections, courtesy of the Gerald Arpino Foundation. Photo courtesy Matthew Sewell Photography. 

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