January 1, 2020 - Present


To $999


$15,000 +


$1,000 +



$25,000 +


$2,500 +


$50,000 +


$7,500 +


Colonial Wines & Spirits

Cranford Co.

Footlights Dance Store


Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau

Little Rock Soiree

Schickels's Cleaners

Stella Boyle Smith Trust

The Athletic Clubs

Support for Ballet Arkansas is provided, in part, by the Arkansas Arts Council, a division of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

$15,000 +

Arkansas Arts Council

Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission

Little Rock Soiree

Philip R. Jonsson Foundation

Stella Boyle Smith Trust

The Athletic Clubs



City of Little Rock

City of North Little Rock


Amber and Alan Bagley, HR of all the professional dancers

Arvest Foundation

Clark Trim, HR of the talent and leadership of Catherine and Mike Fothergill

Donna and Steve Christian

Dr. Andy Terry, HR of Zeek Wright

Drs. Andy Terry and Julie Harris

Dr. Edward and Mrs. Jeanne Anson, HR  of Zeek Wright and Paul Tillman

Drs. Philip J. Kenney and and Jeannette Lee

Eliese Freeman-Crumley and Brett Crumley, HR  of Lauren Yordanich

Kicks Active Wear*

North Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau

Southwest Power Pool

*Denotes In-Kind Sponsor



$7,500 +


$2,500 +



$1,000 +

Ann Patel, in honor of the arts

AY Magazine *

Charlie Moulton

Cheryl Avants

Christina Chance, HR of Chloe Chance

Drake Mann

Drs. Philip J. Kenney and Jeannette Lee

Elizabeth Kim

Elizabeth Small

First Orion

Gail and Phil Garratt

Galdamez Family, HR of Deanna Stanton


James B. Connor, HR of Michael &  Catherine Fothergill

Laura Grimes

Lauren and Lee Storther

Patti Halter

Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull PLLC

Roy and Barbara Beebe, HR of our Granddaughter Kaley

Shay and Stacey Sebree

Stacie Jones

Steven and Julie Fothergill

Susan Petty

Suzanne and Earl Babbie

Tanarah Luxe Floral

The Huffman Foundation

Wendy See, HR of DeVere Fulmer

*Denotes In-Kind Sponsor


$500 - $999

Bonnie Bowers

Carl and Susan Moneyhon and Petty Moneyhon


Dr. Danny Fletcher

Peregrine Wealth Strategies

Jim and Charlotte Gadberry

Julia Busfield

Kimberly Bosshart

Maria Porter-Hehnke and Paul Hehnke, HR of Zeek Wright

Michael Mckinnis

Network For Good

Ron Holmes

Shanti and Bill Halter, HR of Lauren Halter

Steve and Teddi Metzer

Tommy and Melodie Britt


Up to $499

Aaron Brewer

Abbey Shoemaker

Abby Jennings, HR of Aldrin Vendt

Abby Jennings, HR of Catherine & Michael Fothergill

Abby Jennings, HR of the Company

Acxiom Corporation

Alex Newberry Robinson

Alexandra Dare

Alicia Short, HR of Meredith Loy

Alicia Short, in memory of Maxine Brown

Alison Carrillo

Alison Vann

Amanda Baker

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Seevers


Amber Tierney

Amelia Thompson

Amori Nauman

Amy Hazel

Amy Landers

Ana Clara Azevedo-Pouly

Ana Nimon

Andrea Fowler

Andrea Mabry

Andrea Timpa, HR of Chloe Timpa

Andrea Wills

Angie C Johnson

Anna Bowman, HR of Sharon Bailey

Anna Morshedi

Annalise Patel

Anna Yates

Anne Santifer


April Ambrose, in memory of Mallory Milton

April Gentry-Sutterfield

Arden Jones

Argenta Downtown Council

Asher Wunderl, in memory of Patricia Peterson

Ashley Beazley

Ashley Chandler

Ashley Childers

Ashley Eaton

Ashley Moran

Ashley Sparks

Audrey Coleman

Barbara Miles

Barbara Tilley

Barbara Stroope

Belinda Yoder

Bette Gould

Betsy Borecky

Betty Harris

Bev & Norma Hargraves

Big Cuppa

Bill Jennings, HR of Ellie Jennings

Billie Pavis

Bikash Adhikari

Billie Jean Pitonyak

Blake McClain

Bob Razer, HR of Andy Parson

Brandy Uekman

Brian and Sarah Chunn

Dr. Brian McGee

Brigitte Rogers

Brittany Boyette

Britni Campbell

Brittany Watson

Brittney Renfro

Brook Bridges, HR of Campbell Beazley

Candice Lawrence, HR of Adia Lawrence

Carol Heavin

Caroline Hansen

Carolyn A. Lay

Carrie Wills

Cecelia Cecil

Chad Brown, HR of Lauren Bodenheimer Hill

Chad Brown, HR of Zeek Wright

Charis Murphy

Charles Garrison, HR of Anna Britt

Chelsea Thompson

Chris and Vicky Biagi

Chris and Bethany Jennings

Chris Johnson

Chris Odom

Christal Janssen

Christian Downhour

Christina Chance

Christi Parrish

Cindy DeClerk

Claire Beaumont

Claire Fiser

Clare Dietz

Claudia Calderon

Coco Bliss

Colette Seifert

Courtney Rolland

Courtney Walsh Umeda

Crystal Graves

Curt Stamp

Cynthia Harris

Cynthia Hill

Cynthia Kolb

Daniel R Wood

Danielle Bell

Danielle Hancock

Danielle Huffman

David Hart

David DePoyster

Debra Hudson, HR of Marlee Hammock

Deborah Graham

Dee Dixon

Dee Hickman, HR of Mr. and Mrs. David Karlheim

Dena Wilson

Denise and Kate Waters

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Spond, HR Tatiana Spond

Dustin Etheredge, HR of My Life Dancer, Joanne

Edie Twitty

Elizabeth Arnim

Elizabeth Clifft

Elizabeth Pollard

Elizabeth Rice

Elizabeth Small

Ellen Lowery

Ellon Cockrill

Emily Johnson

Emily Myers

Emily Powell Carpenter

Emily Runyon

Emily Young

Emma Farnsworth

Emmett and Jonann Chiles IV, HR of Kathy Gornatti

Eric and Sandy Miller, HR of Deanna Stanton and Megan and Paul Tillman

Eric and Sandy Miller, in memory of Linda Hunter

Erika Petersen

Erica Vinson

Erin Oakley

Eugenia Jones

Fit 2 Live

Frances Bruce

Frances Ross, HR of Jeanne Anson

Gabe Holmstrom

Georganne D Bowsher

George & Barbara Wise

Ginny Kurrus, HR of Jana Beard and Alison Stodola Wilson

Gretchen Glover

Gunnar Boysen, HR of Isabelle Boysen

Handle Barbershop

Heather Kreulen, HR of Olivia Schriver

Holly Burgess

I.J. Routen

J. Lynn Davis and Karen Williams

J. McLaughlin

Jacey Harris

Jamie Block

Jamie Jackson

Jamie Jones, HR Arden Jones

Jan Hart

Jan Hart

Jane Jones-Schulz

Jean Hine

Jeni Hill, HR of Livi Hope Hill

Jenn Franks

Jennie Strange

Jennifer Clifton

Jennifer Tilley Smith

Jennifer Elmore

Jennifer Janis, HR of Sophia Janis

Jennifer Sewell, HR of Amanda and Toby

Jeremy Rawn

Jessica Bates

Jessica Blair

Jessica Catlett

Jessica Gonzales

Jill Brown

Jillian Thayer

Jim and Kristine Vincent, HR of Leah Elizabeth Morris

Jim Cope

Jo Taylor

Jo Ann McCoy

JoAnn Tibbett

John and Emmy Fothergill

John Hedrik, HR of Sarah Pilcher

John and JoAnne Mills, HR of Clark Trim

John S Smith

Jordan Hendrian, HR of Deanna Stanton

Juanita and Gordon Larson

Judith Dugan

Julia Baldridge, HR of Bridgette Frazier

Julianna Pierson

Julie Hardee

Julie Robinson

Jutta Powers

Karen Bassett

Karen Whitehurst, HR of Toby and Amanda Lewellen

Kasey Summerville

Kate Dimitrova

Kate Sain

Kathy Gornatti

Kathryn L Gigler

Kathryn Rowley

Katie Hicks, HR of Ali Hicks

Karalyn Kerby

Karen Evans

Karen Silvoso

Karla Allala

Kate Moffitt

Kate Snell

Kathy and Benny Cagle

Kathryn Hazelett

Katlin Dickinson-Laurence

Kay Cogbill, HR of all the Community Cast

Kay Cogbill, HR of Leslie Dodge

Keith Klosky

Kelly Crow

Kelly Lamb

Kelly Lasseigne

Kelsey Hays

Kim Dishongh

Kim Kwee, HR my sugarplum, Olive Barnes

Kim Shurley, HR of Madelyn Shurley

Kim Tinkle

Kimberly Snell

Kimberly Terrell

Kjerstin MacGregor

Krista Peppers

Kristen Adcock

Kirsten Sowell

Kristi Robinson

Kristin Appler, HR of my little ballerina, Scarlet

Kristin Marts

Kristine Vincent, HR of Leah Elizabeth Morris


Laura Cantrell

Laura Conley-Olsen

Laura Davis

Laura Dorris

Laura Grimes

Laura Haynie

Laura Prejean

Laura Schnackenberg

Lauren Cowles

Lauren Henry

Lauren Hickey

Lauren and Matt Horak

Lauren Kinder

Lauren Lisowe, HR of Amelia Lisowe

LeAnne Parham

LeeAnn Hackley

Lesley Roberts

Leigh Patterson

Leslie Brock

Lillian Green

Linda Brown

Linda Stephenson

Lindsay Tabor

Lindsay Troy

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson, HR of Kaitlynn Johnson & Family

Lisa Miller, HR of Jan Worden

Lisa Ponson

Liz Hamilton

Lola Ramirez

Logan Sellen

Lois Kirkman, HR of Kaley Kirkman

Lori Berry

Lou Ann & David Ratliff, HR of Nutcracker memories

Louina S Gonzales

Lisa Mundy

Lynda Bodenheimer, HR of Lauren Bodenheimer Hill

Lynn Bradshaw

Lynn Tabor

Lynne Rutz

Lynsie Izzard

Lynsey Wilkins

M Beachboard

Mackenzie Martin 

Makayla Cox

Mandy Piechocki

Mandy Richardson

Mara George

Maradyth McKenzie, HR  of Connor McKenzie

Margaret Albright

Margaret Grimes

Margene Maloney

Mary Caroline Boyette

Mary Katherine Parson, HR of all of the company and in thanks for educating and inspiring Arkansas's students

Mary-Kathryn Rector

Mary McCraw, HR of Megan Hustel Tillman

Mary McCraw, HR  of Meredith Short Loy

Matilda Louvring

Megan Mitrani

Maureen Morley

Megan Hall

Meghan Sabat, HR of the Tippin Family

Melanie Wyatt

Melissa Schriver

Meredith Linder, HR of Arden Jones

Meredith Miller

Michael Althausen

Michael Alred, HR of Zeek Wright and Deanna Stanton

Michael Anders

Michael Bearden, HR of the Company Artists

Michael Connell

Michael Shaeffer

Michelle Euler

Michelle Mann

Michelle Shellabarger

Mona Bowers

Morgan Moore

Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Kathryn Rowley

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Mary K. Parson

Nathalie Richard

Nancy Crow

Nancy Rector

Neville Mayfield

Nexus Coffee and Creative

Niki Thomas

Niki Thompson

Nina Obey, HR of Deanna Stanton

Noriko Nakamura

Olivia Farrell

Paige Cullins

Pat Oakes, in memory of Heather Marie Oakes Farris

Patricia Farnsworth

Patricia Scott

Patty James

Patty McCook

Paul Sutherland

Paypal Giving Fund

Phyllis Britton, HR of the Fothergill's and their move from Birmingham to Little Rock

Rachel Hellwig

Rachel Martin

Rachel Pike

Rae Baker

Reannon Russell

Ravenna Wagnon

Rebekah Wills

Renee Harding

Renee McGraw

Rhiannon Zerbe

Richard and Leslie Bright

Rob Plant

Robbie Freeman

Robert Wolfe, HR of Veronica Wolfe

Robin Johnson

Roger, Deborah and Destry Patching, HR of Lauren Halter

Rory Bradney

Roslyn Dorrough

Ross Owyoung

Rusty Guerra, HR of Wendy See

Ruth Shepherd

Ryan Hackley

Sabrina Edwards

Sara Hurst

Sara Lander

Sara Shalin

Sara Sullivan

Sarah Beth Lawson, HR of Ava

Sarah Burns

Sarah Greenberger

Sarah Hart

Sarah Henry

Sarah Mordecai

Sarah Sewell-Tippin, HR of Jennifer Sewell for Mother's Day

Sarah Warriner

Scott Whiteley Carter, HR of Patricia and Todd Farnsworth

Scott Whiteley Carter

Scottie Walsh

Shannon Kendall

Shannon McMath

Sheila A. Kuonen

Sheila Wold McKinnis

Shelley Wold

Siobahn Hruby

Sirinya Prasertvit

Sofia Ponce

Somerset Sea

Stacy Bell

Stacy and Ivan Wilson

Stacy Rechtin

Stephanie Livers

Stephanie Thibeault

Stephen Colby

Steve Davis

Steve and Wendee Larson

Sue Sims

Susan Harbour

Susan Harris

Susan Jones

Susan S Holt

Susan Karlheim, HR of Deanna Stanton

Susan Reasoner

Suzanne McClinton

Tabitha McNulty

Taggart Architects

Tami Cassidy

Tamika Moore

Tanya Day

Tasha Taylor

Ted Althausen

Therese Spond

Tiffany Senavinin

Todd Hustel


UA Little Rock Public Radio *

Verda Davenport-Booher

Vicki A Kovaleski  | Kovaleski Studio

Vincent Insalaco, HR  of Sally Riggs Insalaco

Vikki Harris

Viktoras Palys

Viviane Ajarrista

Wendy O'Malley

William P Ballard

William Wolfe

Winnifred Dykeman, HR of Deanna Karlheim Stanton

Yslan Hicks and Bill Jones, in memory of Chris Dalton

Zhen Wu


*Denotes In-Kind Sponsor