In a village where time stands still, Dr. Coppélius, a reclusive and quirky toy maker, has crafted a magical life-size dancing doll. It's so lifelike that when Franz, the village prankster, sees it sitting on the doctor's balcony one sunny afternoon, he becomes infatuated and believes it to be a real girl! Excited by the mystery of the village's newest resident, Franz quickly sets aside his heart's true desire, the beautiful Swanhilda. Franz exclaims to Swanhilda that their pending engagement will have to wait until he has met every girl in the village and can be sure of his love for her. Fuming, Swanhilda and her friends are convinced the doll is not real and they hatch a plan to break into Dr. Coppélius' toy shop to prove it. Comedy ensues. Unsuspectingly, the girls are discovered by the doctor, who suggests they disguise Swanilda as the dancing doll and teach Franz a valuable lesson about true love. Upon discovering the truth about Coppélia, Franz admits his folly and puts an end to his embarrassing crusade. The two are wed and live happily ever after.

Filled with laughter and virtuoso dancing, Coppélia is one of classical ballet's most beloved stories and is a must-see this season! 

Last year, Ballet Arkansas provided more than 350 children with access to professional performing experiences. Learn more about current and future community cast performance opportunities, new programs for community dancers, and more! Check back frequently for updates. 



A force of creativity and education for more than 40 years, Ballet Arkansas is committed to providing diverse performance and training opportunities that enrich the lives of dancers of all ages. Community is central to the mission of Ballet Arkansas, and providing opportunities for young dancers is our passion. Be the first to learn about programs and performances for children by subscribing to our mailing list today. You'll receive the most up to date information about auditions, classes & workshops and more!


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