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Each year, Ballet Arkansas's K-12 education programs uplift, enrich, and inspire more than 10,000 students across the state. On stage and in the classroom, Ballet Arkansas brings stories to life through movement, introduces educational content in innovative ways, and provides students with avenues for self-discovery. The organization's academic approach produces emotional and physiological benefits, fosters an understanding and appreciation for the performing arts, and supports existing curriculum. For examples of the benefits dance programming has to offer, click here to read "Evidence: A Report on the Impact of Dance in the K-12 Setting," presented by the National Dance Education Association. 

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Ballet Arkansas rises to meet the needs of K-12 educators with customizable programming for the classroom. Programs introduce the performing arts to academic environments and support existing curriculum to advance scholastic achievement. Flexible scheduling accommodates the demands of the school day and after-school programs provide enriching experiential opportunities for students at Ballet Arkansas. **Visits outside a 30-mile radius from Little Rock and those that extend the program duration beyond what is cited within the program description may incur transportation/residency fees. Please send inquires to  

In the classroom


Students unlock their creativity and explore the foundations of movement through immersive dance instruction and guided improvisation, learning valuable tools of self-expression and collaboration.

2 - 4 visits per year (1-2 per semester)

30 - 60 minutes | 1 instructor


Dance Discovery

Interactive lecture demonstrations engage students through dance performances that tell stories and tie into school curriculum. Students see themes come to life through the athleticism and artistry of dance.

2 visits per year (1 per semester)

30 - 45 minutes | 4-15 performers


Stem Exploration

Approaching STEM curriculum from a kinesthetic perspective, students gain knowledge of STEM principles through the use of their bodies.

​2-4 visits per year (1-2 per semester)

30 - 45 minutes | 2-4 instructors


Master Classes

Students take personalized, multi-disciplinary dance classes from the professional dancers of Ballet Arkansas, virtually or in-person, learning the fundamentals of dance technique and choreography.

​2 - 4 visits per year (1-2 per semester)

30 - 60 minutes | 1 instructor


Virtual Field Trips

Digital broadcasts transport students into Ballet Arkansas's state-of-the-art studio for behind-the-scenes rehearsals and artistic conversations with the company's 15 professional dancers. Students see the creative process unfold from rehearsal to performance and learn about exciting careers in the peforming arts.

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