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Meet the Dancer

Meet the Dancers


Ballet Arkansas performs a rich and eclectic repertory of the classics, masterworks of American dance, and original works by the world's most daring dancemakers. Scroll down to see the choreographers whose works compose our permanent repertory.  


Gerald Arpino

Matthew Larson-Arziari

Frederick Ashton

George Balanchine

Michael Bearden

August Bournonville

Hannah Bradshaw

Leslie Browne

Val Caniparoli

Ma Cong

Jean Coralli

Ron De Jesus

Agnes De Mille

Maddy Falconer

FLOCK - Alice Klock and Florian Lochner

Mikhail Fokine

Michael Fothergill

Kiyon Gaines

Ashley Green

Madison Hicks

Ilya Kozadeyev

Simon Kuban*

Meredith Loy

Kenneth Macmillan

Harrison McEldowney

Leonide Massine

Darrell Moultrie

Yuka Oba-Muschiana*

Tom Mattingly

Mariana Oliveira

Jimmy Orante

Jules Perrot

Marius Petipa

Christopher Ruud

Yoshito Sakuraba

Deanna Stanton

Greg Sample

Paul Tillman

Anthony Tudor

Christopher Wheeldon

Yury Yanowsky*



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