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L.E.A.P. is designed to entertain and engage daycare and preschool students through the joy of dance. The program aims to nurture young minds, introduce critical thinking, foster self-discovery, and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of music and dance. Program activities include storytelling, arts and craft activities, dance instruction, and much more! Programs are delivered by costumed Company Artists of Ballet Arkansas, in partnership with educators and school staff. Singular and recurring site visits may be reserved, and visits are fully customizable. *Educators, program participants, and their families will receive discounts on Ballet Arkansas performances and enrolled classes. 




  • Enhance vocabulary and language skills through storytelling and dance narratives

  • Encourage active listening and comprehension as dancers articulate emotions through movement

  • Promote language development by engaging in group discussion



  • Encourage students to express themselves through movement and gestures

  • Introduce basic dance ideas, such as posture, balance, and coordination, tailored for young learners

  • Teach expressive movements, allowing children to communicate emotions and stories through dance


  • Introduce children to the art of dance, recognizing it as a form of self-expression and storytelling.

  • Explore different artistic elements, such as colors, shapes, and patterns through dance movements.

  • Foster appreciation for creativity and artistry by showcasing various dance styles and choreography.



  • Cultivate a love for movement and physical activity through play-based dance exercises

  • Encourage collaboration and social interaction among students during group dance activities

  • Instill a sense of joy and excitement in dance

  • Introduce the basics of musical rhythm through the use of the body


Reserving a Dance for All Seasons visit for your community is a simple and straightforward process:

  • Contact Ballet Arkansas: Click the link at the top of the page to email Ballet Arkansas and express your interest in hosting a L.E.A.P. visit.

  • Initial Consultation: A representative from Ballet Arkansas will get in touch with you to discuss your community's needs, preferences, and scheduling options. They will gather information about the number of participants, preferred dates, and specific requirements. 

  • Customize Your Visit: Work closely with Ballet Arkansas to tailor the visit to suit your community's unique needs and interests. This includes selecting the type and frequency of classes, specifying any special considerations for participants.

  • Confirm Dates and Logistics: Once the details are finalized, confirm the dates and logistics for the L.E.A.P. visit. Ensure that the chosen venue is suitable for the dance classes and can comfortably accommodate the participants.

  • Promote the Event: Spread the word!

  • Get Ready to Dance: As the visit date approaches, prepare the participants by informing them of the classes' benefits and what to expect. Assure them that the classes are suitable for all skill levels, and no prior dance experience is required.

  • Enjoy the Experience: On the day of the L.E.A.P.  visit, welcome the Ballet Arkansas team with enthusiasm. Encourage participants to embrace the joy of dance and participate in the visit to the level they are comfortable with. Be prepared to witness smiles, laughter, and engagement!

  • Collect Feedback: After the visit, collect feedback from the participants to gauge their experience and satisfaction. Use this feedback to further improve future L.E.A.P. visits.

  • Consider Ongoing Classes: Based on the positive response from participants, consider arranging recurring dance classes with Ballet Arkansas to provide sustained benefits for the participants.

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