Meet Leah Morris!

Where are you from?

Herndon, Virginia

Why Ballet Arkansas?

I was attracted to Ballet Arkansas for many reasons. It is a growing ballet company that is very much in sync with both the ballet world and the community. The Ballets the company performs are both exciting to the dancer but also well thought out to what the community would enjoy. I also find it exciting that Ballet Arkansas has various community performances and outreach programs to bring ballet to people who might not otherwise be exposed to it.

Tell me 1-2 things about yourself that you'd like to share.

I love traveling and being immersed in different cultures! I have had the opportunity to spend time living abroad with host families and hope to experience that again. Besides ballet, I enjoy running, I ran my first half marathon this year and hope to combine my love of travel and running and have a life goal to run a marathon on every continent! I also teach Pilates and am a part-time student studying International Business and have a Lionhead Bunny named Ruby who takes walks with me on a lease!

Favorite ballet / dream role?

Favorite ballet, I have two! William Forsythe’s In the Middle Somewhat Elevated and Jiri Kylian’s Petit Mort, my dream role would be to dance any part in either of those ballets!

Favorite color?

Light brown and dark green

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