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During a rehearsal last year, our Associate Artistic Director, Catherine Fothergill, explained to me that every role I perform should tell a story. After portraying Mina Murray, a young girl who experiences so many highs and lows throughout “Dracula” the ballet, I figured that kind of acting was solely limited to dramatic characters. However, that correction has shifted the way I think of dance in general. Now I am constantly looking for moments throughout our performances to bring some character to life, no matter the style of dance.

I tried to apply this thought to my Nutcracker performances and especially in our most recent show, “Fire & Rain”. Every single night we performed the triple bill, I tried to convey a message to the audience. Whether it was by gazing into the eyes of my Romeo (Zeek Wright) as we told the story of our young love, or displaying the tensions that can arise in relationships through Zeek & I’s Pas de Deux “Don’t let me be lonely tonight” from the James Taylor tribute. It reminded me that our job is to be storytellers through our artistry and movement! This has created such a fun environment for me onstage which I hope will result in a more enjoyable performance for our audiences!

Something truly special for me in our most recent performance in particular was getting to play the role of Juliet. It’s a role I’ve dreamed of dancing since I saw the movie “Center Stage” years ago and witnessed the gorgeous Julie Kent bring that Balcony Scene to life. Taking our bow in front of the curtain to thank the audience as Juliet with her Romeo is a moment I’ll always treasure.

I’m so excited to be a part of an organization that is constantly pushing us to be better! Encouraging us to take steps outside our comfort zones and knowing that we can constantly improve daily in the studio as well as every performance that follows! Ballet Arkansas is going places y’all & I would love to see you at our next performance! I think I can speak on behalf of the entire company when I say that we’d love to dance for you!

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