Getting Ready for the Stage

Performances are a big part of our job. They are the culmination of everything we’ve worked on in the studio and have brought to the stage. But what you as an audience member sees is only a small part of what our job entails. The process of getting something like The Nutcracker onstage is what makes up our normal day to day life.

I enjoy the process of putting together a new show. We all work to bring a certain character to life and most of the time we have multiple character roles to make our own. This year I’m going back and forth between four different roles, but some of the girls have up to five different roles they will switch in and out of. Each day in the studio is different, we have our ups and downs, which can make us approach a role with a different mindset or determination. We might do something one day that totally works or we might do something that doesn’t work out at all. Some days I might rehearse only one of my roles, while another day I might have to switch between all of them. How I approach Snow Queen is completely different than how I would approach Chinese or Marzipan. Going back and forth can be difficult, but it keeps things interesting and fun. Character development is a continual and dynamic process right up to the time we take the stage. I’m constantly trying to figure out and develop who I am as a dancer through the process of putting together a ballet.

We’ve been rehearsing our new Nutcracker Spectacular for several weeks now and I’m excited for the whole thing to come together. There are so many exciting changes being made and I can’t wait to get it all on the Robinson Center stage December 7th - 9th.

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