Preparing to be a Vampire Bride!

Vampires, blood, a garden party, and a love story, this ballet truly has it all! Dracula is a thrilling story ballet that our Artistic Director, Michael Fothergill, is creating based on the original story by Bram Stoker. It has been a long time since Ballet Arkansas last performed a full story ballet (besides our annual Nutcracker, of course!) and I am so excited to be portraying a Bride of Dracula! Becoming a vampire is definitely a process, but it has been so fun!

Story ballets are my favorite thing to do, because you get to dive into a character and tell a story! Typically I play characters that are nice and happy, and maybe have a slightly crazy side (I’m looking at you, Giselle). I have never played an evil character before! It has been fun to try to be a blood-thirsty vampire, but still bring a little bit of my own personality in it. There are 3 Brides of Dracula in the production, and we are each so different in personality but we have the same motivation to bewitch the character Jonathan (who finds himself trapped in Dracula’s castle after a real estate deal gone wrong). Trying to be animalistic and unearthly, but also alluring and captivating is a delicate balance!

This production of Dracula is a world premiere for Ballet Arkansas, and we are so excited to have a multi-media component. This show is featuring photo and video projection by Cranford Co. which will add so much to the story! I think I can speak for everyone in the company when I say we are ready to get this show on stage! Don’t miss it, this ballet is one you’ll want to sink your teeth in to!

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