Summer Time!

July 1, 2018

Summer time! How do we, as ballet dancers stay active during the months of our off- season? I think it starts with trying to keep busy as our schedule shifts away from the intensity of the rehearsal process. Luckily, Arkansas happens to be the perfect place to keep a dynamic lifestyle during the summer.


With my love for the outdoors that stems from growing up near the Adirondack Mountains in New York, summer has always been a time for adventure. Here in Little Rock there is no shortage of places to explore, whether one is looking to climb a mountain or spend a day at the lake. I’ve been able to see so much already, and look forward to the next few months of new findings.


In addition, we are very fortunate in the company to have memberships at the Little Rock Athletic clubs. It is important as an athlete to take care of your body and maintain a level of stamina and muscular strength to support a healthy transition back into the season. Thus, spending time at the gym has become a priority for me! One thing I’ve noticed is that I now have the opportunity to focus on cross- training more intensely given the added time in my schedule. This, along with yoga practice has proven to be the best way to stay strong, even without ballet class every day.


With that being said, it’s hard to stay away from the studio for long. I have found a great appreciation for teaching, as I want to share my love for this art with others, and it keeps me working in the studio often! Aside from teaching, giving myself class alone or with friends is a great way to keep muscle memory alive. Having a job in the restaurant industry has always kept me on my feet, so that is part of my schedule as well.

While staying busy, however, the anticipation for the start of next season is high, as I want to get back to doing what I love every day. I look forward to all the exciting things planned for the 40th Anniversary season!




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