The Dance Profession

The glitz and glamour of costumes, makeup, and performing on stage accounts for maybe 1% of our time at Ballet Arkansas. The rest of our time is warming up, taking company class, hours of rehearsal, working out, staying fit, and nursing any aches and pains. It is hard work for sure, but it’s also the best job in the world!

I’d say that injuries are the biggest obstacle to life as a dancer. With as many hours as we spend pushing our bodies to the limit, we are bound to run into injuries at some point in our career. When I was 17, I got Achilles tendinitis. I worked with a physical therapist who gave me exercises and stretches. It was humbling, and I realized how much I asked my body to give. Injuries can be terrible but they can also be a way to come back smarter and stronger than before.

That said, I really can’t see myself doing anything else. I have been dancing since before I could talk and I’ve felt a connection to this beautiful art form ever since. Every piece of choreography is a fun new challenge. This upcoming season will be especially exciting for Ballet Arkansas! I look forward to learning new works and spending every day with a group of dancers that share my same passion. I hope to dance everyday for the rest of my life!

Photo Courtesy of Jamison Mosley - AY Magazine

Dancer Lauren Hill preparing for "Tour de Force" 2018

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