Becoming an Artist

What makes you grow as an artist? How can you even measure that growth? For a performing artist, such as a dancer, and especially ballet dancers, it’s difficult to be introspective about your artistry and judge it’s growth or lack thereof. Dancers spend so much of their process honing their technique, that at times, artistry plays second fiddle to it. Intrinsically, the art of ballet is technique and how to make it look effortless. Agnes De Mille explains technique simply here;

“Ballet technique is arbitrary and very difficult. It never becomes easy; it becomes possible.”

-Agnes De Mille

Finding the ability to work on the art of ballet technique, and also allow yourself to release your inhibitions to really allow yourself to show through your dancing is the goal. Finding beauty within yourself and your art, and feeling the freedom to be and act without others preconceived notions or your own mental blocks and negative self perception affecting the process is the only way to grow as an artist.

Art is subjective, measuring its beauty or its worth can only be based on how each artist perceives themselves. As artists we set high expectations for our own work, if it’s done right it changes the perspective on the subject and challenges the environment around it.

As an artist it can be difficult to find an environment of constructive challenges. At Ballet Arkansas it’s easy to learn and grow because the artists it brings surrounding it. The artists that are brought in to work with Ballet Arkansas want to share themselves with our community and the dancers in the studio. That creates an incredible opportunity to find yourself in their movement and expand your own self. My eight seasons with the company have really helped me learn how to grow as an artist and a person. You never stop learning or growing as an artist, and the ultimate goal is to curate a better future for our community and for future generations of artists.

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